The technology developed by ENERGO has a large field of applications. However today ENERGO has been mainly focused on Green Gas production by methanation.

Green Gas production by methanation

Green Gas market demand

By 2050, renewable gas production will account for 15% of the EU effort for full decarbonization. It creates two main markets accessible to ENERGO:

1) The Waste-To-Gas (WTG) market, where ENERGO will sell methanation technology to waste gasification companies. In EU, 400 TWh of renewable methane will be produced from waste pyrogasification by 2050, representing a gas trading market of approximately 30 billion €.

2) The Power-To-Gas (PTG) market, where ENERGO will target energy companies to store surplus electricity from renewable sources, transforming it into methane that can be injected into the gas grid. In EU, 150 TWh (10.5 billion € gas trading) of renewable methane are expected to be produced via this route by 2050.

Why Waste To Gas (WTG)

The Waste To Gas market is rapidly gaining attention due to the increasing amount of waste and the growing concern for its management.

ENERGO will incite the shift from landfill to gasification of waste by offering the possibility of producing a higher value gas (methane).

ENERGO Competitiveness on Waste to Gas market

A techno-economic study performed by independent consultants – Laurent Blaisonneau & Celine Huitric from ENEA consulting – has shown that ENERGO’s methanation technology has the potential to disrupt the gas market, providing for the first-time renewable methane at a price competitive with fossil gas, thus unlocking the “renewable gas market”.

  Our ambition is for ENERGO to become the world leader of methanation technology, setting a new standard and unlocking the potential of the renewable gas market.