ENERGO is a technology provider. Each project is carried out in partnership with an engineering company specialized in the target market, which will be responsible for the turnkey contract with the end user. ENERGO’s scope of work is limited to the supply of:

Basic engineering design,
Catalytic Plasma Reactor,
Initial catalyst filling.

ENERGO will also bring assistance for the start-up of the unit.

Overall Context

  ENERGO is clearly engaged in the energy transition by bringing a totally breakthrough technology on the market to perform green chemistry. 

Our Mission

Our testing facilities

To develop its technology, ENERGO benefits from the best R&D equipment available for plasma-catalysis application development.

Our Lab located in Lille, France, concentrates all the equipment necessary for the production, testing and optimization of catalysts in plasma conditions.
A mobile pilot unit is available to test our system at client’s sites on real gases.
A semi-industrial scale demonstration unit is used to scale-up the technology for each application.