Allowing emergence
of decentralised
and green projects

A competitive solution for key value chains

A compact, modular and cost effective solutions to produce on site molecules of interest

Energo is providing cost effective solutions to allow emergence of decentralised and green projects

Our mission

Energo has developped compact, modular and cost effective solutions to produce on site molecules of interest.

Whereas fossil based conventional economy is based on major transformation units and heavy logistic constraints, ENERGO solutions can be implemented closed to CO₂ emitters or final products users, reducing need for product transportion and fostering circular economy and decentralised production.

Our value chains



On site production

Major barriers of hydrogen deployment are development of technologies that are capable to be deployed locally dans in a decentralised way at low cost and low CO₂ emissions.

Competitive solution to replace conventional hydrogen production from natural gas, coal or electrolysis.


of green price compared
to electrolysis pathway

Only 10%

of electricity used in conventional electrolysis pathway

Energo has developped 2 pathways to produce Hydrogen

Efuels Biofuels


Local production of syngas

Sustainable Aviation Fuels, so called SAF, are key to decarbonize carbon footprint of aviation by replacing fossil based jet fuels. Main challenge for SAF production is availability of ressources used and cost effectivness of full value chain.

Synthesis of sustainable syngas, with right H2/CO ratio, is the key technological brick for SAF production

production of
Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Energo has developped several pathways to produce syngas and adjust syngas quality, to be sent for Sustainable Aviation Fuels production

Green chemistry


Local biosourced chemistry

CO₂ valorisation

High value molecules

Bio based chemicals are key products to substitute fossil based chemicals and to reduce carbon footprint

Energo has developped an technological pathway to produce organic organic such as alcohols (methanol) acids and ketons

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Our industrial



Methanation stands as a major lever for decarbonation:

As a way for CO2 valorisation to reduce carbon footprint of activities,

As a way of reusing existing asset by substitution fossil based methane by renewable one, and postponing heavy investment for decarbonation

As a way to carry hydrogen through existing natural gas pipes


of LCOE *


conversion rate

50 times less

catalyst compared to other technologies

* Levelised Cost of Energy – CAPEX/OPEX) compared to other technologies, based on 2 independent studies carried on by NALDEO and ENEA Consulting

Energo historical application is methanation from CO2 by addition of hydrogen or from syngas produced by gasification

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